Flowers for Kathryn

Today I learned of the passing of a friend. An old friend from my much younger days. A friend whom I only saw every few years and far away. This friend lived beyond the back yard of my Grandparent’s home in a small village in Saskatchewan.

We became fast friends when I would visit and caught up quickly on all things young girls talk about and shared many secrets. She loved my Edith Prickley impersonation and I loved how nothing embarrassed her when we behaved awkwardly around adults. Frequent trips to the store just to get out of the house eventually meant that the public knew what we were up to. Nothing can be kept truly private in such a small place.

We wrote to one another and like many things, over time and with age and many distractions and obligations, the letters stopped. My grandparents had to move from their home as it was too much for them to manage and like most children, Kathryn left her home town and settled in Regina.

Some years later, an article in Chatelaine magazine came out requesting information or contact from  long lost friends. My name was there!! Kathryn was looking for me. So I provide my information to the editor with permission for her to contact me. How awesome was that!

During our communications I realized now, that my encouragement for her was misunderstood, taken the wrong way. She told me what type of employment she had and I thought and hoped she could do better. I overlooked that she may be happy doing this job and that really it was not my business. She did not see that I still appreciated her friendship regardless of income. And then the communication stopped yet again. Not on mean terms, we simply had caught up with one another.

Not so many years ago I reached out to her brother on Facebook and was pleased to hear that she was doing well. Until this week.

And now, she is gone. No regrets, we always had a blast together. And now my friend I bring you in memory a lovely bouquet of flowers, the kind we picked along out travels on a hot Saskatchewan summer. Picked on days were the sun was high and the blue sky seemed endless and us, so small and meaningless. But we were. We were significant to one another while it mattered and I hold wonderful memories of our brief times together. Rest in Peace Kathryn (Kerester) Seida.A-(93)w