Most of our roving is from our Shetland sheep. From time to time we have roving* from different sheep breeds available as well as roving with nylon added to increase durability of the finished item.

We are currently have Shetland roving  and Cotswold and Mohair with Cotswold roving available. Shetland white, musket, mid-grey, black. White Cotswold and grey Mohair with Cotswold.

Roving   $11.00/100gm

Roving with Nylon   $12.00/100gm

Mohair with Cotswold Roving  (60% mohair/40%  Cotswold)$14.00/100gm

*Prices are subject to change without notice and HST applicable.

We currently have dark Jacob roving $12/100gm and Icelandic roving in a few colors, light brown, light grey and almost black $6.50/50gm