Most of our roving is from our Shetland sheep. From time to time we have roving from different sheep breeds available as well as roving with nylon added to increase durability of the finished item. We have a small selection of pencil roving and Hand dyed combed Merino top to spin or felting.

We  currently have Shetland roving  and Cotswold and Mohair with Cotswold roving available. Shetland white, musket in a small quantity. White Cotswold and grey Mohair with Cotswold, Jacob and Icelandic.

Shetland Roving   $12.00 + HST/ approx 100gm

Roving with Nylon   $13.00/100gm           None available at this time

Mohair with Cotswold Roving  (60% mohair/40%  Cotswold)$14.00/approx100gm

Jacob roving $12+ HST/  approx 100gm

Jacob roving
Dark brown with a heathered look. New batches will be different as it depends on how much white is in the fleece and lilac Jacob has a paler brown.

 Icelandic roving in a few colors, light brown, light grey and almost black $6.50 + HST/ approx 50gm

We also have in stock “Pencil roving” from MacAusland’s Mill in PEI. We currently have Natural, Grey and Navy blue 200gm discs with 1 strand. $13+HST.

Mac Roving

Hand Dyed Roving/Top

Also dyed in small batches that are not repeated but some may look similar…approx. 100gm of Combed Merino Top $15.00 +HST   Great for spinning, wet felting and to use as thrums!!

Unknown breed roving approx. 100gm, $13.00+HST Unsure of breed so unsure if it will wet felt…Once this is gone, it is gone!!

*Prices are subject to change without notice and HST applicable.